Motherhood Ugly Truth Photo for Blog

When our kids were babies we shared every milestone and dressed them in cute clothes for monthly pictures but we didn’t talk about the afternoons we cried for no reason locked alone in a bathroom.

When our kids were toddlers we dragged them around to every Gymboree or music class we could find but then lay awake at night wondering why our children were not walking first, talking in complete sentences or as outgoing as their buddies  in all of those classes.

We volunteered for every field trip or playground duty at school in the elementary years to find out who our kids hung out with or how they were doing socially only to get in the car and cry behind sunglasses when we realized our kid was the bully or the one that no one wanted to play with.

As our kids got older we posted on social media their successes and accomplishments, not their failures. We posted the “good” or edited pictures from vacations, not the ones taken of the kids screaming, crying and not willing to pose. We bragged about academics when our child was on top, but not when they were desperately struggling.

Being a mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And it only gets harder as our kids get older and their problems get bigger. So to all my mom friends out there, I wish you all the best on Mother’s Day and every day! I pray that you have the strength and faith to get through the hard times. I hope you know how much you are worth, all the worry, fear and pain you go through is not for nothing. I want you to know you are not alone no matter how many mothers or families you judge yourself against…remember everyone has their own cross to bear. We are all mothers, we all have an undying love for our children and we are all living the same ugly truth.





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