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I’m just a regular mom with three kids and a lot of experiences to share. Two of my kids are “flown” and one soon to be! Hence the new “Peace Love Parenthood 2.0” Because let’s face it, the journey with older and adult children is totally different than chasing around toddlers and planning playdates at the park.

Most of the earlier blog posts you’ll see here were written when my kids were younger. You’ll also see a big pause between posts…that’s when times got tough. That’s when I didn’t want to share my problems but then found out later that MOST of us go through something similar at some point. I had always heard the famous saying, “Little kids, little problems, big kids, BIG problems.” But until you live that, you don’t get it. But I now know that being vulnerable helps people, talking about it helps others, especially in today’s climate. The Covid 19 pandemic changed everything. The struggles across the world were real, and scary, and left so many people searching for answers, looking for guidance and support during such a crazy time in all our lives.

So I’m here to share the reality and blessings that come with parenting older kids in this next chapter of our lives. I think we could all use some tips and tricks to help during these times, as well as a sprinkling of nutrition, health and wellness and fitness advice for YOU…all things I’ve become VERY passionate about during the pandemic. Because let’s be honest, most of us have forgotten about ourselves while we were trying to raise tiny humans over the years.

***I’m not a licensed therapist, scientist, dietician or personal trainer…but I do have some exciting ideas and tips to share that have worked wonders in my life journey as I move into this second phase of my life. I hope to create a safe place to help you raise your big kids, but also remind you who you were before kids, who you became during those early years, and who you are destined to become now. 

I hope you leave here with a smile on your face, feeling better than you did this morning,

Peace & Love,


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9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Don’t worry about the knee fat no one can see that. You need to be concerned about the tricep dropping into the gravy at Thanksgiving when you reach for the mashed potatoes. Looking forward to reading more. Keep going 🙂

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