It is thought that children acquire language to tell the story that is already in them.


We all have a story to tell and add chapters to our book each day. As parents, we share excerpts from our own pages through the years. We tell our kids about ups and downs, shining moments and difficult times, our accomplishments and disappointments. Sometimes we leave out a chapter or share the edited version only. Either way, our story is unique to each of us and how it’s written is our own personal choice.

My husband and I often tell our kids it’s up to them to create their own story. We remind them God already has their tale mapped out but it is their job to tell it. We ask them how they want their book to read, what they want it to say and remind them there will be good and bad chapters with many in between.

When our children step on the field or court for a game, we ask them what kind of chapter they want to write today. When they face an academic challenge, we remind them this is part of their story. When they don’t do well on a test, we point out there will be another chapter soon where they ace an exam or earn honor roll status. When they are faced with bigger life decisions we encourage them to make choices based on their book. Will they make poor choices which inevitably have consequences, or make the right choice and possibly lose friends or face hardships? Words can’t be erased from our book, white-out won’t cover our mistakes nor can we tear out pages and pretend they don’t exist.

So when the day is done and our kids have lived their life, I hope they proudly share their story with their own children. The big bad wolf, the pot of gold and all the trips up the hill to fetch pails of water in between.

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